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Create Interest in your Ezine by Adding Polls

Posted: Tips

Everyone loves good content in an ezine! But time to time you need to add an interesting twist…something that will catch the attention of your subscriber and get them to participate actively.

One such tool are polls. It takes less than a minute to participate but involves your subscribers. Question is how to add one using Ecourse Wizard?

It is very simple.

Have you ever used the ‘Track Links’ section?

That is a brilliant tool and a great way to set up a poll.

Of course first you must come up with poll questions and answers. Then follow these steps.

Step 1
Set up a thank you page for your poll. This will need to be at your website.

Step 2
Next login to your Ecourse Wizard Control Panel. Click on the campaign you want to work with. Next choose Track Links from the top menu.

Step 3


In Description: Enter you Poll answers so you may know which answer each tracking link represents.
For URL to track: Enter the URL of your thank you page.
Repeat this process for all your poll answers.

Step 4
You now have a separate tracking link for each answer. Even though they all lead to your thank you page, the results for each answer will be calculated separately.

Step 5
Place the Poll in your Ezine using the tracking Links as follows:

For an HTML Ezine:
Your question comes here (please click on the link to vote):
This is my favourite (use tracking link for option 1)
I don’t think so (use tracking link for option 2)

For a text ezine, the links will need to be placed separately:
Your question comes here (please click on the link to vote)

This is my favourite

I don’t think so

Now everytime your subscribers vote and click on a link, it will get recorded. You can view the votes via your Track Links - View Click-thru report section.
The count column will show how many times each option was clicked.

So make your ezine more interesting and start adding polls.

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