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Boston Healing Tao

Posted: Spotlight

Today our feature is one of our clients, Jamee Culbertson and Marie Favorito and how they are using Ecourse Wizard to their advantage. Let’s see what these two are up to.

Name: Jamee Culbertson and Marie Favorito, Boston Healing Tao
Website URL:
Subscribe Address:

What is your list all about?
The list I am growing on the internet is for people who are interested in Reducing Stress in their lives. We provide information about Meditation, Chi Kung and Tai Chi specifically.

What benefits do your subscribers gain out of your ezine?
We give them notice about classes, workshops and special events we are giving in our area as well as posting articles that would educate them. We also provide video interviews and podcasts with experts in Meditation, Tai Chi and stress reduction, basically anything we feel would be helpful information for people to live a full and prosperous life. We can also let them know when new products are available. We currently have 3 guided Meditation CD’s and a Tai Chi Short Form DVD made. We’ve got 3 more Chi Kung DVD’s in post production after having traveled to Southern Utah in April for filming in red rock country! The ezine allowed us to tell them about our trip and what we are planning. Now people know we are producing these and are eager to know when they will be available. The Ecourse Wizard ezine is the best way to let the people on my list find out when they will be ready and what we are up to.

How long have you been running the ezine?
We launched our first ezine in April of this year!

How has Ecourse Wizard helped you out in this regard?
Internet technology was new to me at the start of this year. Working with Ecourse Wizard has made me feel like I was not alone in what seemed like a ‘technical internet marketing jungle’. Anytime I had a question about setting up the ezine or my autoresponder email series I got a response within minutes. This really blew me away since I figured I’d have to sit with my quandry for a day or so and not really make any progress. To my continued delight I always get a response that is timely and useful.

Ecourse Wizard also helped me customize the look of my ezine so that it looks like my website. That way people see a familiar look and feel in their inbox and feel better knowing that the message is from us. The Ecourse Wizard system safeguards against spamming of any kind so that only people who want to receive messages from us do so. I feel good about this to protect our audience.

Which Ecourse Wizard features do you use the most?
I wanted to start getting useful information out to people as soon as possible so I started with the ezine feature. I can send as much or as little information as I want at a time. The links allow me to segregate the information into chapters so people can read what they are interested or have time to read and then come back for more later knowing where they left off.

I also like the ‘test’ feature. When I write an ezine or series of messages I can do a test run that only gets sent to myself and anyone else I specify so I can see what my list will be getting first before they do. This way I can be sure I didn’t make any mistakes with links etc..and it gives me a chance to make corrections first.

I also like being able to add links and pictures to my newsletter so that accessing information is as easy as clicking. In these days of high speed living, the easier it is for people to find the information they are after, the better.

Did you find ‘Ecourse Intro’ helpful?
I enjoyed the Ecourse Wizard ecourse - about writing an ecourse - this has been helpful and informative.

Because this course lays it out so simply I am inspired to write one myself. I haven’t written one yet but by reading how ecourses are used it has helped me get ideas on how to build one for my audience. I can see forward, that once I’ve cleared some time I will enjoy putting these ideas into a course for people.

[You can subscribe to Ecourse Intro by sending a blank email to]

How will you rate the customer service?
Stellar customer service at Ecourse Wizard , stellar!. I imagine them behind the scenes wearing wizard caps and waving magic wands to make things happen for me. There is no apparent effort as far as having the right answers for me to be successful using their system.

[PS You can subscribe to Jamee’s newsletter by sending a blank email to …]