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Don’t go Uh Oh after a message is sent

Author: © Erum Munir | Posted: Tips

Everyone’s had those ‘uh oh’ moments where you sent a message and then realized that there was a mistake in it. A typo can be a simple spelling mistake or it can be a huge life altering (read: lose money, lose subscribers, irritate your customer, etc, etc) typo. Imagine sending the price of your latest Ebook as $9 instead of $90.

We have a simple solution: Test your message before you send it. See how it will look to your customer. Read it, proof read and read it a third time.

Here’s how:
1. For Ezine: Click Ezine-Send Ezine

Enter your ezine message on this page.
Scroll down.
Click on ‘Test Ezine’ or ‘Test and Save Ezine’.

A Test Ezine will be sent to the email address in your profile.
It can’t get simpler than this.

2. For Autoresponder Sequence: Click Autoresponder-Test Messages

a. Select the message range you want to test along with the email address you want to send them to.
b. Add values for any personalization fields you want to test. For example if you have entered ~~NAME~~ in your sequence, you can enter John as the value you want to test. Click ‘Test Now’.

c. A list of test messages sent will be shown here.

Please note: Autoresponder sequence testing will work great with a new account without subscribers. However, if you are live and want to add messages to the sequence, it is a better idea to test them using the Ezine option first.