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We Keep Improving…

Author: © Erum Munir | Posted: News

The following updates have been made to the Ecourse Wizard Control Panel:

1. Demographics

You might have noticed this section has completely disappeared. It hasn’t really disappeared. It has just merged with the Ezine section. The Demographic’s Add/Edit Questions can now be found under the more aptly named Ezine > Multiple Choice Questions. In the Send Ezine section you can also choose your target list according to their answers to these questions.

2. HTML Templates

Even more streamlined, now you can preview the template directly from the main HTML templates page and then choose to view the Code for the one you like.

Better still, you can directly save this code in your Send Ezine section. No more copy/pasting!

3. Testing Ezine

Previously, in the Send Ezine section, you had to first save an ezine and then test it to make sure your changes did not disappear. You will now see an extra button called ‘Test and Save Ezine’ which saves your ezine and tests it out at the same time.

We will be adding tutorials and new tips on these changes soon.