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Who’s Visiting? Who’s Not?

Author: © Erum Munir | Posted: Tips

Don’t you just wonder who is reading your newsletters and clicking on your links? Isn’t it one of the ‘must have’ statistics? Don’t you just want to know how many people you convinced to visit your website?

You can find out how many times your newsletter links were clicked using Ecourse Wizard’s ‘Track Links’ feature.

First step is to add the links you want to track in your newsletter. For example you may want to place your main link in your newsletter.

1. Click on Track Links > Add Links.

2. Add the URL you wish to track (eg: and a description and click ‘Create Link’.

3. You will be provided with a new tracking URL (eg: that you must use throughout your newsletter.

4. You can login to your Ecourse Wizard account anytime and click on Track Links > Click-Thru Report to see how many people clicked your links.

These links work well in an HTML newsletter. Every time your subscribers click on this link, your statistics will be updated and they will be directed to your original URL.