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Email your RSS Feeds - Inform subscribers of updates to your Blog

Author: © Erum Munir | Posted: Tips

What are RSS feeds?

They are just another way of receiving content. You take the RSS feed URL, add it to your feed reader and you get updated content from the feed you added. Compare it to an email where you add email settings to an ‘email reader’ (read email program) and you can download your email.

As an example this blog has an RSS feed. You add the URL to your feed reader and you will receive the content added to this website.

Although RSS feeds have been around for a while, only a small minority of Internet users is familiar with them and an even smaller number uses them.

So what’s the solution?

Offer another option to your visitors. Everyone uses email … everyone’s familiar with it. So why not email them the information?

Ecourse Wizard makes this option very easy by letting you email your RSS feed content via email.


  • Click on Settings > Main Settings (1) in your main Menu.
  • Scroll down the page to the end.


  • Here you will see “RSS Feed Updates”.
  • Add your RSS feed URL.

This is all you have to do. Now every time you update your content, an email will be sent to your subscribers in the following format:


Our website content has been updated:

Title 1

Title 2

Your signature here. (Can be set via Settings as well)

Your subscribers can then visit your website to view the newly added content.

And where do I get this RSS Feed?

If you are using a blog software, it should come with its own RSS feed.

For WordPress users it should be:

or if you are using Permalinks, it should be:

You can also provide feeds to only specific categories on your site by adding the following to the end of the link:

If your blog is hosted at just add /feed/ at the end of your main URL

For Blogger Users and Others with Atom Feeds
Ecourse Wizard currently supports RSS 2.0 feed. Blogger uses Atom 0.3 which is now deprecated. But no worries, you can convert this to a RSS 2.0 feed by using a service called FeedBurner.

  • Enter your feed URL
  • You will then be asked to make an account.
  • Choose your feed URL ID and enter your username, password and email.
  • Once inside the control panel, click on Optimize from the top menu.
  • Click on Convert Format from the side margin.
  • Select RSS 2.0 and click convert.

You now have a new feed in RSS 2.0 format with the URL _feed_burner_id

Just enter this in your Ecourse Wizard account as detailed above and you are set to go.

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