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Gift WRAP your Text Messages

Author: © Erum Munir | Posted: Tips

“What does that mean?” You ask.
It means that your text message should be presented nicely to your subscribers. It may not have the font and color options of an HTML email but that does not mean it cannot look good.

Your content width should ideally be around 4 inches for it to be most readable. It becomes very difficult to read if your eyes have to go from one corner of the screen to the other and then back again.

So what to do with your text messages? Break them up after a certain interval so your message width is controlled. Ecourse Wizard has a ‘Wrap Text’ utility which allows you to do just that.


  1. Click Text Wrap Utility from your Ezine or Autoresponder section
  2. Copy/paste your message in the window that pops up.
  3. Press Wrap Text
  4. You will get the text-wrapped output.
  5. Copy/Paste that in your message window.


Your message may not look too good to you at the moment. Just test it out using our Test Ezine option in the Ezine section and you will like the results much better.