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You Voted! We Listened!

Posted: News

We had a voting in our last newsletter as to which features our customers most wanted to see added to Ecourse Wizard.

You Voted! We Listened!

Two of the most needed features have been added to Ecourse Wizard. This is going to blow you away!

Let’s first see which feature won the most votes. It was
Pop up Subscription Form

And yes it has been added.

Login to your control panel, go to Settings - Subscription Form - Pop up Form and enjoy experimenting. You can make your own pop-up to match your website. It cannot get cooler than that!

We hope you are just as pleased with the second feature as we are. This is going to be one of the most useful features if you use the Autoresponder Sequence and add to it continuously. You must know by now that once subscribers receive the entire message sequence, they get archived.

So YOU ASKED, “But what if I want the archived subscribers to start receiving the additional messages I add to my sequence?” So we have worked on YOUR ANSWER and here it is:

Go to Autoresponders - Activate Subscribers. You can choose to restart your archived subscribers from any message in your sequence. Added message 4 and 5? Activate your subscribers from message #4.

Boston Healing Tao

Posted: Spotlight

Create Interest in your Ezine by Adding Polls

Posted: Tips

Don’t go Uh Oh after a message is sent

Posted: Tips

Target Practice: Send the right message to the right list

Posted: Tips

We Keep Improving…

Posted: News

Who’s Visiting? Who’s Not?

Posted: Tips

Email your RSS Feeds - Inform subscribers of updates to your Blog

Posted: Tips

Gift WRAP your Text Messages

Posted: Tips

RSS Friendly, HTML Friendly, User Friendly…

Posted: News

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